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Colombian artist into laborious abstract photography

Patience is the key; since 2009 Jairo Llano has worked on several series of photographs looking for his own language, his work has crossed the spatial and architectural spectrum, the landscape interventions, and the selection, organization, and classification of forms in the cityscapes.

LA art show - photography 2023
What's your lucky number?

The series "Questions without answers" is the group of Jairo Llano's laborious photographs depicting intricate sheets and rolls of paper resulting in spacial and almost architectural compositions. As a result, the work is as photographic as sculptural. For Llano, capturing time on a surface that can be shareable with art collectors makes the piece most photographic because it is impossible to share the object due to its temporary life. All those papers shaped into a great composition only stay united for a few seconds, between the camera shot and any wind blow where it is made.

Each composition requires patience, and is a personal act of joining papers without a planned composition of the final piece, it falls apart many times and when he thinks it's going to be ready it falls apart again. The performance is also part o the idea, being present in time and space, being conscious of our own feelings: dreaming, creative, empowered, but also angry, frustrated, sad, and anxious for beating these paper sheets, the process breaks that artists and his own idea of control.

Since 2019, with a lot of stuff going on, the new constant is the changes. Trying to capture one moment and keeping it as beautiful and perfect as the photographs Llano shows us is only a way to embrace the new rules of these chaotic feelings.

On February 2023th his artwork is going to be on the LA Art show, with BEA Gallery, who return to the art fair featuring outstanding Colombian artists. The triptych Crossword Puzzles and Pedro Paramo are going to be available to the public, and everyone is hoping for an excellent match with the audience. If you want to get more info go to o


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