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LIVING ON THE HORIZON (Viviendo en el horizonte)

Living on the horizon-2774.jpg
Living on the horizon-2773.jpg
Living on the horizon-2698.jpg
Living on the horizon-2781.jpg
Living on the horizon-2772.jpg
Living on the horizon-2770.jpg
Living on the horizon-2761.jpg
Living on the horizon-2703.jpg
Living on the horizon-2726.jpg
Living on the horizon-2763.jpg
Living on the horizon-2705.jpg
Living on the horizon-2704.jpg

"Mi nombre es Julio Peña, lo que me gusta es la inmensidad del mar y el ambiente de este sitio"


 Living on the Horizon is a series of "architectural" photographs taken in Bocas de Ceniza, Colombia, a place without land in the extreme of a dam between the Caribbean Sea and the Magdalena´s River, where a group of fishermen has settle down since 1979.  This are houses literally in the line between the sea and the sky, a great dream for any architect: fill the horizon with a building. 


After many attempts to move the fishermen to a safe place, a non profit organisation has make workshops with the habitants in order to understand the way they live and their love to those "non habitable" houses, all of them feel that their lives got a meaning when they arrive there, where any other people could live.   


 I work with architecture all the time and try to make habitable my photos, geometry, point of view, horizon, line of earth are some of my obsessions when taking pictures. When I travel to make this series I want to give them the same treatment as my other building commissions. This photos doesn´t represent poverty or bad conditions, instead they give a power feeling to the vernacular architecture.   (see online publication in spanish)



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